Full Steam Ahead

by Liza Flume

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'Full Steam Ahead' is Liza Flume's debut EP released under Toast office Records. All songs Written and produced by Liza Flume and Recorded by Ciaran Parnell, the EP is a collection of simple and raw sounds pulled together by lyrics that bleed out into your ears.

Watch the 'What We Called Love' music video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgSMrFvuGfk

"Liza’s songwriting ability is something many new artists should aspire to emulate, the kind of honesty that many longstanding artists fail to bring across in their music. The collection is beautifully simple and raw, quirky in places with an arrangement that leaves you longing for more but not feeling cheated when it comes to a close" - GoldenPlec.com

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Twitter: twitter.com/LizaFlume


released January 3, 2013

All Songs Written and Produced by Liza Flume, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Ciaran Parnell.



all rights reserved


Liza Flume Dublin, Ireland

'It starts with the smallest of sounds and it builds into songs that tell you more about yourself than you ever probably wanted to understand. Raw, quirky and a little off-kilter Liza Flume's unique presence draws you in. Her music is an eclectic build of uninhibited emotions caught beautifully by a voice that reveals the light and shade of what she's singing" Alvy Carragher. ... more

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Track Name: Swords
What are you saying to me?

Come on love, put down your swords,
Cause I don't want to fight with you anymore,
And if this is the end, let's not pretend, that we are happy here.

What are you saying to me?

Love came so slow but couldn't wait to go.
Track Name: Wasting Away
You said, you'd rather be,
Unhappy, with me,
Than roam, this globe,
On your own, without me.

What does that even mean?

We just Reached,
I'm wasted,
I'm wasting away.

What does that even mean?
Track Name: What We Called Love
So I will spend the next few months,
Picking up those pieces that I lost,
Cause we both said we had enough,
Cause we fucked up what we called love.
Track Name: Poison
I've got poison in my veins,
And I'm trying to forget your face,

I wear masks to hide the pain,
Cause I'm trying to forget your name.

Now you see the dark side of me.

I've got demons inside of me,
And they're dying to be free.

Now you see the dark side of me.

But your memory lives on, in the marrow of my bones.
So you'll never really be, you'll never really be gone.
Your memory lives on in the air that fills up these lungs,
So you'll never really be, you'll never really be gone, be gone, be gone.
Track Name: In Time
I'll remember the nights,
I'll remember the days,
I'll remember the lights,
I'll remember the haze,
But i'll forget all of the fights,
I'll forget all of the games,
I'll forget all the rights
I'll forget the rage.

I'll remember how we slept,
I'll remember your breath,
I'll remember your chest,
Beating on my chest,
But I'll forget all of the dark,
I'll forget all of the pain,
I'll forget we're miles apart,
And i'll forget the rain.

I'll forget you in time. m